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Marriage is a big event. We understand that there are many other aspects of the wedding day which a marrying couple will be concerned about. We aim to let you have a worry free experience when it comes to your wedding entertainment. Leave it to us to search for your desired wedding entertainers, plan and coordinate the entertainment program . In addition, we will also manage and run your whole wedding entertainment production fully on the day itself!

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Bespoke Wedding Entertainment Services

We have different wedding entertainers to collectively put up a memorable performance and entertain your guests on your big day :

Wedding Emcee

Live Music Band

Wedding DJ / VJ

Strings Ensemble

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What We Do

Recommendations and Bookings

From wedding emcees to singers and musicians, we are able to recommend our responsible and reliable talents who sound good and perform well to memerise your guests. We take away couples’ worries by ensuring your wedding entertainment programs are not compromised, as our wedding entertainers will turn up on time in their best condition.

Many couples are also concerned if there would be a good fit of personalities when it comes to hiring talents like wedding emcees. With years of experience, we have mastered the art of recommending suitable wedding emcee personalities to satisfied wedding couples.

Bespoke Program Planning and Coordination

Our professional wedding entertainment planners will handle your wedding entertainment stage program fully, with your likes and dislikes in mind, making your wedding a stress free memorable one!

We will also take charge of coordinating the different wedding entertainers smoothly with you and with key people like your banquet manager and the audio visual technician.

Bespoke Wedding Entertainers

Unlike many, we have a wide cast of wedding entertainers under our belt. In the very rare situation that a wedding entertainer is not able to show up at your wedding, we definitely have another who can stand in for the job.

Bespoke Audio Visual Consultancy

A wedding event that involves live music performances will definitely need professional audio visual technical crew who are competent to provide and support sound and lighting systems which are suitable for the event capacity and wedding venue. With inferior equipment and lack of audio visual expertise, even the best live music performances can be compromised.

You can be assured that such technical details will be well taken care of when you let us handle your wedding entertainment program.

 You may desire to get a wedding emcee with live music band  or maybe a wedding emcee plus wedding jazz band and DJ/VJ. Simply let us know about your desired wedding entertainment combinations and event details through this contact form or email to [email protected] and we will get back to you soon about our proposal.

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