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Virtual Event Company Singapore for Online Digital Virtual Events

Virtual Event Company Singapore Multiverse Productions adopt an “EXPERIENCE-FIRST” strategy to produce all kinds of virtual event in Singapore. Our vision is to incite viewers’ journey that connect and engage across all virtual space. As a result, our creativity will provide immersive digital experience for our clients.

Since we started producing virtual events, we have seen an increase in the variety of streaming technologies. Therefore we have more opportunities to provide solutions to address our clients’ challenges in highly creative ways. Moreover, our production team specialized in virtual broadcasting, online live streaming programs, set designs, production direction, and content creation.

Content and programming strategy for online engagement is entirely different than physical live events. Not only the technology is important for delivery, but experience is also what drives the results.

One-Stop-Shop for all Virtual Event Services

For Virtual Events, Our Services Include:

  • Consulting, planning, and strategizing digital experience design.
  • Well-equipped broadcast studios with green screens and LED Video Screens.
  • Mobile broadcast studio design, construct and set up – Anywhere in Singapore.
  • Virtual event design including customized microsites, digital UI and 2D&3D UX.
  • Virtual event management solutions from pre-event to post-event technical support
  • Curation of live stream entertainment
  • Programming and Content (digital, scripts, presentations)

Virtual Event Planners

The transition to new digital virtual event formats has created a need for more talent with new skills, passionate and well-trained individuals. Our pool of virtual event planners combines digital experiential creativity with technical expertise and event management experience to make your next virtual event a reality.

Our approach –

  • Conceptualize the event framework.
  • Create and design the experience.
  • Planning of program and aligning towards clients’ objectives.
  • Develop a 100% executable virtual experience.
  • Production (programming, installations, coordination, etc)
  • Implementation to ensure all attendees feel engaged and connected.

Virtual Event Company Singapore – Virtual Event Studios for Rent

As we pivot from live events to virtual events, demand for broadcast and live stream studios have increase tremendously. Virtual events can have many moving parts with both ‘TV-produced quality’ and ‘reality TV-like’ components.

As a virtual event company in Singapore, we have specially created a customized space where all virtual shows come to reality. Hence this space can be used to host different forms of virtual events including Live Streaming Programs, Talk Shows, Webinars, and Online Conferences. Our studios are also equipped with quality audio systems, professional lighting as well as broadcast quality video cameras.

In addition, our team of sound engineers, cameramen, show producers, lighting designers, video editors, visual artists and graphic designers are the standard-bearer for creativity and innovation in broadcasting. In short, we are qualified to fulfill our clients’ cinematic visions.

Green Screen Studios

Our studios have customized green screen backdrops and VFX artists to make virtual 3D background come to life on screen. Why is green screen technology so amazing? Firstly, green screen is a visual effects (VFX) technique using chroma key compositing, where two images or animated video streams are layered together. Secondly, green screen allows you drop in separate background images you want behind the show host/presenter/speaker. Lastly, it is commonly used in movie/TV production, news broadcast and on-screen weather reports. As noticed, you will usually see green screen backdrops used on Hollywood movies’ sets when watching behind-the-scenes clips or bloopers reels. Importantly, our green screen VFX designs are used by many clients as an integral part of their virtual online streaming events.

LED Video Wall Virtual Production Studios

Our studios also specialized in using LED video walls for creating an immersive on-screen experience for your virtual event. First of all, LED walls are revolutionizing production process by projecting 3D environments in real time as a backdrop to provide the illusion of being in a physical location. Next, these revolutionary methods were put to the test on Disney’s “The Mandalorian,” and well as upcoming HBO Max’s “Titans, Season 3”. In conclusion, this process of combining traditional cinematography techniques with advanced world-building technology effectively overtake the need for a green screen.

Cyclorama Studio & 3D Live Virtual Set

‘Cyc’ an abbreviated term for cyclorama, often referred to as a cyclorama wall or cyc wall. A cyclorama as “a curved wall is used as a background of a stage set to suggest unlimited space”. Cyc studio is the latest trend of livestream studio to be used in Singapore for virtual events production. Cyclorama studios are used with massive 3D virtual sets. Audiences can see the speakers on screen in 360° 3D virtual background. The production will be enhanced with cinematic camera shots and special effects animation. Professional cyc studio backgrounds have been used as the green screen backgrounds for many Hollywood movies such as “Batman vs. Superman” and “The Hunger Games”.

virtual event company Singapore green screen studio
virtual event company Singapore LED Wall Studio

On-site Live Streaming Services

As a virtual event company based in Singapore, we offer mobile Live Streaming Services to clients’ convenience. First of all, setting up of live streaming services includes end to end execution. For instance setting up of cameras, making arrangement of lighting, and getting the audio inputs and outputs correct.  In short, our onsite technical crew will have all of it covered for you.

We have handled all kinds of live streaming service requirements despite the nature of the venue. Our crew have executed live stream virtual events in closed indoors or open grounds, hotels or hospitals, auditoriums, or clubhouses. Importantly, a successful virtual event with live streaming support would require meticulous provisioning of various audio and video elements with a trained team to operate them.

Live streaming services are also essential for hybrid events where attendance on-site is kept to the minimum due to safe distancing regulations. Audiences can log in from places of their convenience to watch the ongoing event live from their preferred screens. We offer the best technical support to all clients to ensure that their hybrid events will be successfully broadcasted or streamed to the desired platforms so that audiences would not miss a single moment of the event.


Virtual Event and Digital Experience Design

With the rise of virtual events, there is a shift in priorities when it comes to event planning. Technology now plays a significant role since the search for the perfect venue has been replaced to finding the most immersive virtual event digital platform. Virtual event design work differ from on-site event design, however the visual elements are no less important. It is essential that customizing and branding of virtual event platform, websites or microsites, are important. Therefore to deliver a top notch digital experience for virtual events, there must be strong design options to suit clients’ expectations.

The benefits of a virtual event platform / microsite

Events are one of the most powerful tools for increasing brand awareness, as they offer unlimited opportunities for creating touchpoints between attendees and the brand. As virtual event platforms or microsites serve as the ‘venue’ for your virtual event, it is essential to consider how your digital venue will look like. Firstly, there are options of 2D to 3D customizable graphics on how your digital event ‘venue’ will look like. Secondly, to allow your attendees feel truly immersed in their event experience, a generic-looking platform with your event’s logo in the corner is not sufficient. Above all, our designers will leverage your brand colours, fonts and imagery to create a unique look and feel for your virtual event that will wow attendees the moment they first log on to your virtual event platform. In summary, branding your landing page, backgrounds, menus of the virtual platform and the contents of your livestream, will create an impactful digital brand experience for your virtual event.


Virtual Event Management Solutions

Our team not only uses the best event management software, we also support our clients in the whole ecosystem of virtual events from pre-event marketing to event day technical support as well as post-event analytics.


  • Email marketing
  • Online registration and account creation for attendees

Event Day

  • Online tech support team to ensure seamless virtual experience
  • Real time engagement analytics report


  • Data analytics and report
  • Surveys and feedbacks consolidation

Follow-up engagement for future events


Virtual Event Company Singapore – Entertainment for Livestream & Virtual Events

Finding fresh ways to entertain guests at an event can be challenging. However, finding the right entertainment when an event is virtual is a whole new level of difficulty. In short, trust our producers to curate virtual entertainment that could bring your virtual event to life.

For our virtual events we offer our clients a range of virtual entertainment solutions that not only engage and excite but are also tailored to suit a company’s ethos.

We also provide the best recommendations for event show hosts for our clients so that your virtual events will be a memorable one.

We believe in these principles when creating entertainment for virtual events.

  • First, engaging audiences are more likely to stay focused if they are involved in the action.
  • Next, keep performances short and snappy. Performances or game segments which are too lengthy will tend to cause people to lose attention.
  • Next, be unique and special. Performance acts online should be different from what most audiences have seen in live events.
  • Last but not least, bespoke is the key. Tailor performances to make it relevant to the audiences.

Emcees/ Show hosts are extremely important in a virtual event. Not every event emcee can pull it off on screen to hype up your crowd or generate interests among your audiences. Trust our experienced producers to recommend the most suitable emcees and show hosts for your virtual event.

Finally, do not forget to have a music producer or an event DJ to orchestrate background music and sound effects throughout your virtual event. When you are watching a live stream virtual event, we make it look like a live show. No one audience would like to watch a variety show or talk show without good music and sound effects.


Strategizing and Creation of Live Streaming Programs

Live streaming video has gone from a marketing tactic to an expected form of media consumption, therefore businesses are taking them seriously. In another words it becomes essential to their communications strategies. The power of live streaming videos in event marketing are undeniable as brands could expand their reach to infinite of viewers at a given time. Therefore we have clients reaching out to us for live streaming strategies for brand marketing.

Addition to our working knowledge of live streaming, we also ensure your content strategy is built for live. Live streaming video is of-the-moment and requires ample preparation and testing. At Multiverse, we have a team of professionals working every day to produce live broadcasts for a variety of clients making sure every production is flawlessly executed.


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