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We pride ourselves as a standard bearer for quality as an event company in Singapore therefore ensuring your upcoming events will be well-organized, planned, executed and managed. On the whole, your guests will definitely have an experience of a life time.

Event Organizers / Producers

When it comes to event organizing, we play a patient and creative consultative and advisory role to any clients on requirements and expectations. Why can we uphold this standard? Firstly, during the enquiry and pitching stage, we meticulously conceptualize upcoming events to be different and outstanding, comparatively to previous.

Secondly, we have successfully organized specifically conferences, year-end cooperate dinner and dance (D&D), opening ceremonies, gala dinner, product launches and even luxury events. Last and not least, our experienced organizers have limitless creative ideas to curate spectacular experience for any kind of audience.

We would love to discuss your proposed plans! Feel free to seek advice from our trusted organizers.



Event Company Singapore with Professional Event Planning & Planners

The key operative word here is to have a plan. All events begin with a plan of some sort. Hence the initial discussions with clients regarding ideas, themes, desirable dates and budgets are all part of the conceptualization process.

As an event planner, development of every project starts at the beginning. From the very early stages of concept and continues until the actual event takes place. Subsequently once everything ended, we will wrap up details and handle follow-up items.

Our planning team involved work closely with the client to design an event that reflects the client’s vision of the gathering and meets the objective. In another words, hiring Multiverse is hiring someone to plan all aspects of the event, including the related details and action items, and to see it through until its completion.

event company for cooperate lunch and dinnerFull spectrum of event planning to execution for clients ease of mind

Responsibilities can include but are not limited to:

  • selecting an overall theme
  • developing a budget
  • selecting venue
  • negotiating hotel contracts
  • hiring outside vendors
  • planning the menu
  • hiring a caterer
  • arranging for guest speakers or entertainment
  • coordinating transportation
  • choosing the color scheme
  • developing invitations

Event planning is everything that goes into putting together an event.

events company Singaporebest event company in Singapore providing one stop solution for all your event needs

Event Company Singapore with Quality Event Management Services

Event management profession demands a broad set of skills. Firstly, it requires event managers to be masters of all trades. Secondly, it is their job to ensure memorable experiences are created, and this requires a creative mind. Thirdly and most importantly, effective coordinating and managing all the different components of an event as well as the teams of people responsible for each aspect are factors contributing to a smooth successful event.

In short, every type of event is made up of numerous parts that fit together like pieces of a puzzle. All of those pieces ultimately come together to form a final product. In conclusion, successful events have all of those related pieces coming together at the right time and the right place, smoothly and efficiently and according to plan. This process is call event management.

Our managers are also experienced to design emergency contingency plans, oversee smooth executive, monitoring of flow and program as well as resolving situations on-site.

In addition, we also have the ability to create, coordinate and manage all the different components as well as vendors responsible for each aspect. Therefore our clients will have a worry-free time leaving all the work to us.

Our team of managers, show-callers, coordinators and operation staff on-site will ensure YOUR event will be well-managed, well-organized and successfully executed. This is why we strive to be the best event company Singapore has to showcase.


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