Event Media: Event Videography & Photography

Filming and capturing moments to create your perfect piece of memorabilia

Event Video Recording, Live Feed and Post-Production – Let your event live beyond show day

We can record your event and produce a video for your later use, whether you’re creating a highlight reel, promotional material, or simply want a reminder of the special day. Our video production team will create a seamless digital reminder by capturing every special moment, every powerful speech, and every ounce of laughter through experienced video production.

Cinematic Singapore Services
Cinematic Singapore Services

Event Photography

“A photograph is like a recipe memory the finished dish.”

Engage your guests with expertly customized photobooths and event photographers. We offer a full suite of photography services specialized for events. Our experienced team of photographers understands the value of a moment before it becomes a memory. With your interest in mind, we observe and capture moments regardess of their subtleness, immortalising them as a hallmark of your achievements and successes.

Event Media: Spanning across disciplines in content creation

Our media consultants offer an intimate creative experience that helps you actualize your creative ideas. From concept creation to post production, we cover the entire spectrum of creative works from branding artwork to your media needs. We cover areas in
– Graphic Design Services
– Media Coverage (Photo/Video)
– Creative Artwork
– Brand Artworks


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