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Planning to hire a professional wedding emcee? We help you avoid placing the burden of being a wedding emcee on a dear friend or close relative by providing experienced emcees who specialize in hosting for weddings in Singapore.

From English speaking to Mandarin speaking emcees, Japanese speaking emcees and bilingual emcees, we have a great selection of professional wedding emcees in Singapore. We save you lots of precious time from speaking to many emcees in Singapore and finding a fit. We understand that each emcee has his / her own personality and you want a compatible emcee for your wedding.

With years of experience, our wedding entertainment planners have the ability to recommend a suitable wedding emcee personality after some meaningful discussion with you.

Wedding Emcee Services

Unknown to many, engaging a professional wedding emcee is actually very important and makes a huge difference to your wedding experience. It is not a job that can be handled by just anyone who is confident of public speaking, or simply googling for tips on how to emcee a wedding or rather rehearsing funny speeches and a couple of jokes which might not turn out as expected.

Let the professionals do the job and every single one of your loved ones can simply relax and look forward to celebrate fully with you as important guests on your special day.

Setting the right atmosphere

Whether it is wedding reception, ROM ceremony or banquet, our professional wedding emcee will set the right atmosphere for you. An amateur who is emceeing for you will be staring down at prepared scripts and stiffly reading them off, creating a dull atmosphere.

Our wedding emcees have the magic touch to get everyone in the mood and create an emotionally connected experience for the bride, groom and guests. Your guests may not remember words spoken at your wedding, but they will always remember how they felt.

Directing the wedding program

Our wedding emcee will be well informed of the program flow and coordinating the stage programs with you and other parties like wedding DJ, wedding live band, banquet manager, and audio visual technicians, etc.

As the main person connecting with the audience and leading the program, our wedding emcees will be the person to watch out for cues by the right people at the right time. With a good emcee for wedding, even your photographer and videographer will know the right time to capture your best moments.

Handle the unexpected

Unexpected situations sometimes occur in a wedding that can cause the atmosphere to become tense and uncomfortable, e.g. drunk guests making a scene or worse, drinks spilled on the bride’s wedding dress. The last thing a wedding couple wants is to handle problems at their own wedding.
Our wedding emcees have the experience and skills to handle difficult situations and turn them around. As the chief mood setter, he / she will keep the mood up and lead your wedding program forward.

Wedding Entertainment Packages

We have wedding entertainment packages which can include a wedding emcee together with other entertainers like a DJ, live band or string ensemble.

With our bespoke packages, you are ensured of a smooth hiring experience and your wedding entertainment coordination will be fully handled by us. Tell us about your wedding entertainment requirements at this contact form or email to [email protected] and we will have them tailored for you.

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