Experiential Marketing Singapore

Experiential marketing and event experience are extremely important for all forms of corporate communications in recent years. Over the last two decades, marketing has evolved from a broadcast mentality, pushing a message outward to everyone, to a narrowcast reality, engaging individuals in ways that are meaningful to them. Marketing is not just a two-way conversation, but brand messages sent out must radiate and amplified by influencers and opinion makers.

In today’s new media landscape, communicating to consumers with a fleeting attention span and dislike for advertising can be a challenge. Experiential marketing offers this new avenue to connect with consumers. It is important to have well-designed and successful executed experiential marketing events so that they could bolster lasting connections between customers and brands. In conclusion, experiential marketing has become an integral part of many brands’ overall marketing and event strategy today.

Experiential marketing events experience

UX is a specialized unit within Multiverse Productions focus on experiential marketing event experience. Our team is run by collective of culture connoisseurs not limited by pop-culture geeks, movie buffs, tech junkies and music heads.

As an unit, our vision is to carefully handcraft and execute press worthy events with experiential experience. In return, this will help brands connect directly with highly passionate, intensely loyal, and incredibly challenging modern consumer culture. We do it with relevance and authenticity, encouraging influentials to embrace brand messages and help spread them outwards.

Our event-centric experiential marketing unit have supported numerous public relations, corporate communications and marketing agencies creating numerous immersive live event experiences that inspire event-goers to share their experience with others. Some of our previous works range from large scale events and festivals to smaller pop up shops and brand activation street campaigns.

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What work we do for experiential marketing events?

*Emcees: Experiential marketing events require niche emcees who could bring out the campaigns and the brands proper creating a seamless experience for participating consumers.

* LED Video Wall Installations: Video installations professionally configured with the best resolution and have the power to transform ordinary spaces into engaging experiences. They tend to be content heavy and can also be interactive. Check out our LED Wall

* Projection Mapping: When the element of surprise is needed, a versatile and portable technique that can adapt to any surface is required. Ideal when working with buildings or a custom object. Projection mapping can be interactive and is usually animation heavy.

* Music Direction: We design branded playlists for experience-conscious businesses. We believe that music is an effective marketing tool. The strategic selection of music can help communicate and strengthen a brand’s identity. The right music at the right time can influence consumer behavior and increase sales. Through a collaborative process, we design your custom music profile. Our music consultants handpick each track to match the personality of your brand, interior design and time of day.

* Experiential Events Technologies: We combine content, AR, VR, interactive screens, gaming, and photo-booths to create story-based, experiential activation.

* Event Carpentry & Fabrication: Our designers marry technology with the beautiful art of carpentry. Our tribe of carpenters, builders and designers has diverse backgrounds in events and production, hence precision and workmanship are qualities that we take very seriously.

* Artistic Lighting Design: We provide highly customizable lighting for any event. Our lighting designers can program and design lighting to suit your event theme.

*Cosplayers: A new class of social influencers. They have large and active following fan-base on their social media accounts. Their influence can be leveraged upon to promote or engage fans in niche areas or interested viewers just like social influencers/bloggers.

Experiential Marketing events in Singapore
Experiential Marketing Singapore
Experiential Marketing Singapore
Experiential Marketing Singapore

Areas in Experiential Marketing

pop culture & entertainment

Experiential marketing has become a powerful tool for the pop culture and entertainment industries, allowing brands to create immersive experiences that engage and captivate audiences. By leveraging the unique aspects of pop culture and entertainment, experiential marketing enables brands to forge deep connections with fans and create lasting impressions.

The consumer base that encompasses pop culture enthusiasts, often referred to as the “geek culture” demographic, presents a valuable opportunity for marketers. This demographic is wired to engage, making them an ideal audience for experiential marketing events. However, it is crucial for brands to approach this audience with respect and creativity to ensure their marketing messages are well-received.

With our expertise in delivering geek-worthy experiential marketing events, we can help brands connect with highly influential pop culture enthusiasts and maximize the impact of their marketing efforts.

Experiential Marketing Singapore for Pop Culture

Tech Brands

Experiential marketing for tech products requires deep understanding of the intricacies of technology. We plan for immersive experiences that effectively communicate the value of each unique tech offering. Our team of creative professionals pushes the boundaries of innovation, using virtual reality, interactive installations, and gamified experiences to captivate consumers.

At times we seamlessly integrate the latest technological advancements into brands’ campaigns, enhancing consumer experiences. Its important to tailor marketing strategies to the target audience’s interests, ensuring maximum engagement and resonance.

Often enough, we offer unmatched expertise in experiential marketing for tech products. Our understanding of technology, creativity, seamless integration of tech advancements, targeted audience engagement, and focus on measurable impact make us the ideal partner for tech brands. With our help, tech companies can effectively showcase their products, capture the attention of their target audiences, and drive business growth.



In the dynamic world of lifestyle brands, connecting with consumers on a personal and emotional level is essential. Our lifestyle enthusiasts specialize in delivering experiential marketing event experience that elevate the presence and impact of lifestyle brands.

What we possess is profound understandings of various lifestyle industries, including fashion, beauty, wellness, travel, and more. We recognize that each brand within these industries has its unique essence and target audience. With their in-depth knowledge and expertise, we can effectively convey the values and lifestyle aspirations of brands, ensuring an authentic connection with their consumers..

Our team of imaginative professionals specializes in transforming brand identities into immersive experiences that resonate with audiences. Whether it’s creating pop-up shops, interactive installations, or experiential activations, we consistently pushes boundaries to create unforgettable moments that immerse consumers in the lifestyle brand’s world.


We Collaborate With:

Broadcast Networks

Entertainment Studios

Game Publishers

OTT Streaming Services

Lifestyle Brands

Automobile Brands

Sports Franchises

Tech Brands


Metaverse, Blockchain, Web3, Crypto Companies

and more…

UX aims to be the BEST event support to all public relations, marketing and communications agencies; delivering creative production and operational expertise for standout results.

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