Mentalist / Mind Reader


Corporate Entertainer Ferris Yao is one of Singapore’s top Mentalist and Mind Reader. He has stunned thousands of audiences worldwide. He performs for one reason, his love of seeing the smiles on peoples faces when they see him perform. He is a favorite with corporate event companies and private functions. He has performed for royalty and dignitaries including the the princess of Brunei (2010), Lee Kuan Yew the first prime minister of Singapore (2004).

Forget Mind readers of yesteryear, his performances are not based on hocus-pocus mumbo-jumbo, but cutting edge use of Psychology, theater, comedy and mystery. He seemingly reads the minds of your guests influences your thoughts using a mixture of “Verbal communication, Nonverbal communication, Misdirection techniques, Psychology and Perceptual manipulation to create the illusion of a sixth sense. In Ferris’s hands your guests will experience events that are utterly impossible.